Jungle Animals

Hi every one! so long without posting a blog!

This is a new monthly topic of UrbanJungleBloggers, check their web if you like plants, nature and deco!

I love to read blogs about indoor gardens, to see all the photos that inspire me to create…especially, when people add a touch of fun with little animals, toys, porcelain gnomos, etc…it makes me remember my childhood! 😀 So, here I am presenting you my (really simple) jungle animals with my favorites plants. I have a beautiful embroidered bird that a friend made me, many cute sand dollars that I found in one of my walks at the beach, a wooden giraffe and four african safari animal made with stone that my husband brought from his travel to Kenia, and two little funny guys that I found the other day in the market: a bee gnomo and a super ladybird. All this things don’t match each other, but in some way, I like that! haha…I hope you find something interesting in the pictures…


What about you? do you have some precious animals at home? let me know!

Have a lovely week!


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